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In 2007, Mayor Mick Cornett put Oklahoma City on a diet, after the city made a less-than-flattering appearance on a list of the most obese cities in the United States. In today’s talk, Cornett shares the aha moments that led him to create This City Is Going on a Diet, a somewhat unusual mayoral initiative.

[ted_talkteaser id=1865]“On New Year’s Eve of 2007, I went to the zoo,” Cornett recalls in today’s talk. “I stood in front of the elephants, and I said, ‘This city is going on a diet, and we’re going to lose a million pounds.’ That’s when all hell broke loose.” Watch this talk to find out what happened next.

This week, we’re in the midst of New Year’s resolution mania. And if you’re thinking that a community weight loss challenge sounds like a smart way to help people stick to fitness and nutrition goals…

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